Consent to the processing of personal data

By joining this Agreement and leaving your data on the Site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) by filling in the online form fields.

1. confirms that all the data specified by them belong to him personally,

2. confirms and acknowledges that they have carefully read the Agreement and the conditions for processing their personal data specified by them in the fields of online forms, the text of the agreement and the conditions for processing personal data are clear to them;

3. agrees to the processing by the Site of personal data provided as part of the information for the purpose of concluding this Agreement between it and the Site, as well as its subsequent execution;

4. agrees to the terms of personal data processing without any reservations or restrictions.

The user gives his consent to the processing of his personal data, namely, performing the actions provided for in paragraph 3 of part 1 of article 3 of the Federal law of 27.07.2006 N 152-FZ "on personal data", and confirms that by giving such consent, he acts freely, of his own will and in his own interest.

The User's consent to the processing of personal data is specific, informed and conscious.

This consent of the User is recognized as executed in simple written form, for the processing of the following personal data: last name, first name; phone numbers; e-mail addresses (E-mail).

The user grants the Site the right to perform the following actions (operations) with personal data:

the collection and accumulation of;

storage within the reporting retention periods established by regulatory documents, but not less than three years from the date of termination of the User's use of the services;

clarification (update, change);



de personalization;

transfer at the request of the court, including to third parties, in compliance with measures that protect personal data from unauthorized access.

This consent is valid indefinitely from the moment of providing the data and Can be revoked by you by submitting an application to the site administration indicating the data specified in article 14 Of the law "on personal data".

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data can be carried out by sending the User a corresponding order in a simple written form to the e-mail address (E-mail).

The site is not responsible for the use (both legal and illegal) by third parties of Information posted by the User on the Site, including its reproduction and distribution, carried out in all possible ways.

The site has the right to make changes to this Agreement. When making changes to the current version, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its placement, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement.

The law of the Russian Federation shall apply to this Agreement and the relations between the user and the Site arising in connection with the application of the Agreement.

Privacy policy

Website (the "Site") uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure maximum user experience (the "Users") by providing personalized information, remembering the site's marketing and content preferences, and helping the user get the information They need. When using this site, you confirm your consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this notice for this type of file. If you do not agree to our use of this type of file, you must set your browser settings accordingly or not use the Site.

The following agreement applies to the Site's rules regarding personal information provided to the Site administration by Users.

1. Introduction
This agreement applies to the use of information received from users of the Site by the Site. This document also contains information about cookies, the use of cookies by the Site and third parties, and how you can opt out of these types of cookies.

2. information for users
When you view any page on the Site, the page itself is downloaded to your computer, as well as a small text file called "cookie". These files are used by many sites, because cookies allow you to do a lot of useful things. For example, using these files, site owners can determine whether a particular computer (and probably its User) has been on this site before. This happens when you re-visit the site by checking the user's computer for the presence of a cookie left over from the previous visit.

The information we collect through cookies helps us provide you with our services in the most convenient way, and can also help us understand our visitors.

3. Information about cookies
"A cookie is a small amount of data that often contains a unique anonymous identifier that is sent to your browser by the site and stored on your computer's hard drive. Each site can send its own cookies to your computer if your browser settings allow it. At the same time (in order to maintain the confidentiality of your data), your browser only allows sites to access your own cookies, but does not allow them to use the same cookies left by other sites.

Cookies store information about your Internet preferences. Users can configure their computers to automatically accept all cookies, or warn them every time a site tries to write their cookie to the user's hard drive, or not to accept any cookies at all. The latter option means that some personal services cannot be provided to users, and that users who choose such settings will not be able to get full access to all sections of the Site.

Each browser is unique, so refer to your browser's Help function to find out how to set up cookies.

If you have configured your computer to completely prohibit the acceptance of cookies, you can still visit the Site anonymously until you wish to use one of the site's services.

Cookies are widely used by site owners to ensure the operation of Internet resources or to improve performance, as well as to obtain analytical information.

The site and service providers may use different types of cookies on their Internet resources:

* Strictly required cookies. These cookies are necessary for the site to work correctly and allow Users to move around the Site and use its features. These files do not identify Users as individuals. If the User does not agree to use this type of file, this may affect the performance of the Site or its components.

* Cookies related to performance, efficiency, and Analytics. These files help us understand how Users interact with the Site, providing information about the areas they visited and the amount of time they spent on the site, as well as these files show problems in the operation of the Internet resource, such as error messages. This helps improve the site's performance. Cookies related to Analytics also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the content of sites for those who are interested in our advertising. This type of cookie cannot be used to identify you. All information that is collected and analyzed is completely anonymous.

* Functional cookies. These cookies are used to identify Users who return to the Site. They allow you to individually select the Site content for Users. If a User blocks this type of file, it may affect the performance and functionality of the website and may restrict access to content on the site.

* Advertising cookies. These files record information about user actions on the Internet, including visits to sites and pages, as well as information about links and ads that Users chose to view. One of the goals is to reflect on websites the content that is most fully user-oriented. Another goal is to ensure that advertising or other information can be provided more precisely in accordance with the User's interests.

4. Collection and use of information

Cookies are used for various purposes, including:
Make it easier for yourself and third parties to get information about users ' visits to the Site.
Analyze information about user visits to improve the Site.
Provide advertising, messages and content created by us and third parties on this site and other sites, taking into account the interests of the User.
Assist the User in obtaining the necessary information.
Determine the number of visitors and how they use our site - to improve the effectiveness of the site and to better understand the interests of their audience.

5. Cookie retention period

Some cookies are valid from the moment you log in to the site until the end of this particular browser session. When you close the browser, these files become unnecessary and are automatically deleted. These cookies are called "session cookies".

Some cookies are stored on the device and between browser sessions — they are not deleted after the browser is closed. These cookies are called "persistent" cookies. The duration of persistent cookies stored on the device varies for different cookies. We and other companies use persistent cookies for various purposes: for example, to determine how often you visit our sites or how often you return to them, how the use of the Site changes over time, and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.

Cookies may be placed on Your device by the Site administration. These cookies are called "own" cookies. Some cookies may be placed on Your device by other operators. These cookies are called "third party" files.

We and third parties may use cookies to find out when you visit the Site and how you interact with the content. Cookies may collect and use aggregate and other information that is not related to the identification of individual users (for example, about the operating system, browser version, and URL from which the user navigates to this page, including from an email or ad). this allows us to provide you with more opportunities and analyze the routes of visiting sites. This technology allows you to count the number of users who visited a specific section by clicking on a link from a specific banner outside of this site, a text link or images included in the newsletter. In addition, it serves as a tool for collecting aggregate statistics about site usage for analytical research purposes and helps us optimize our sites and offer ads in accordance with Your interests, as described in detail below.

6. Use of cookies in Internet advertising and mobile advertising

We, together with third parties, including technology partners and service providers, participate in user-oriented advertising activities by providing ads and personalized content that we and other advertisers believe will be of interest to You. Third-party providers use cookies when implementing services for us or other companies; in such cases, we do not control the use of this technology or the information obtained and are not responsible for any actions or policies of third parties.

Advertising may be provided to You based on the nature of your activities on the Internet or when using mobile devices, as well as your search actions, your responses to one of our ads or emails, the pages you visit, your geographical region, or other information. Such ads may appear on our site or on third-party sites. the Technology partners with whom we work and who help us conduct advertising campaigns tailored to Your interests may be members of self-regulatory associations. You may also see third-party ads on this site, depending on which pages you visit, what actions you perform on our site and on other sites.

7. Using web tracking and cookies

We use the software to determine the number of users who visit our website and how often they visit it. We do not use programs to collect personal data or IP addresses of individuals.Data is used exclusively anonymously in summary form for statistical purposes, as well as for website development.

We do not create an individual profile of your actions on the Internet. The content of persistent cookies is limited to an identification number. The name, email address, IP address, etc. are not saved.

There is an exception: Google Analytics Cookies.

Google Analytics cookies may be used in small amounts. These cookies use the IP address to recognize the user, but do not provide personal identification. In other words, information is collected anonymously. Cookies collect information about how Users use the Site, then use this information to compile reports and help us use the Site.

Alternatively, you can opt out of using Google Analytics cookies to track your activity on all websites by clicking on the following link: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (

8. Third-party cookies

The tools of information exchange

The Site uses information sharing buttons that allow visitors to bookmark a page and share its content on their favorite social networks. When you click on one of these buttons, the social media you selected for sharing information can create a cookie. The site does not control the use of these cookies, so you should contact the relevant third-party website for more information.

Third-party cookies in inserted content

Please note: as you may notice, when you visit some pages of our websites, cookies are created that are not related to the Site. When you visit a page with content inserted from, for example, YouTube or Vimeo websites, these service providers may create their own cookies in your browser. The site does not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them due to the way cookies work-only the party that created them initially has access to them. Look for more information about these cookies on third-party websites.

Web beacon

We use analytical web services, such as Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics, which help us understand how people use our websites, and thus ensure their relevance, usability,and relevance of content. These services use data collection technologies such as web beacons. Web beacons are small electronic images that place cookies, count the number of visits, and evaluate the usage indicators and effectiveness of the website. In turn, this information helps us understand what information is of interest to visitors to our sites and provide personalized content for our websites. Web beacons are anonymous and do not contain or collect information that identifies You.

The information is anonymous and is used solely for statistical purposes. Web Analytics data and cookies cannot be used to identify You because they never contain personal data, including your name or email address.

9. Managing cookies

You can also use our Site without cookies. You can disable the saving of cookies, restrict their creation to specific websites, or set a notification about sending cookies in your browser. You can also delete cookies from your PC's hard drive at any time (file: "cookies"). Please note that in this case, the display of pages and the site usage guide will be limited.

Most browsers allow you to control most cookies to some extent through your browser settings.

Not all visitors to our site use web browsers. For example, some users access websites or apps from mobile devices. In this case, you may not be able to disable cookies or change your web browser settings.

To opt out of tracking your activity on all sites via Google Analytics, visit:

Most Internet browsers are initially configured to accept cookies automatically. The user can change the settings so that the browser blocks cookies or warns when files of this type are sent to the device. There are several ways to manage cookies. Please refer to your browser's instructions to learn more about how to adjust or change your browser settings.

If you disable cookies, this may affect the User's browsing experience. If the User uses different devices to view and access the Site (for example, a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), they should make sure that each browser on each device is configured according to their preferences for working with cookies.